I offer you...

  • Commitment: my professional responsibilities to you include commitment to our work together, clear communication, reliability
  • Patience: we will work at your pace and in the way that is right for you
  • Understanding: a willingness to understand and think with you about your situation and feelings, and try to see things from your position
  • Support: I will support you through work which may be difficult or painful at times 
  • Challenge: sometimes it may be appropriate and helpful for me to question or challenge ways of thinking or being
  • Confidentiality: I work within professional guidelines laid down by my professional association, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), which includes my duty of confidentiality

Theresa Ryan Counselling

Warmth, empathy, clear thinking and insight are qualities that characterise my approach.  I have experience of working in a variety of settings, with adults and young people from diverse backgrounds, and I am committed to providing high quality, safe, professional counselling.

In addition to rigorous professional training up to MA level, I continue to develop my skills and stay up to date through regular continuing professional development.

I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work within their ethical and legal guidelines.

I work for a Counselling Charity in North London, in private practice in Hitchin, I am a school counsellor, and I am a member of the Hitchin Counselling and Psychology Centre.

My professional experience includes a number of specialised areas:

Working with bereaved parents

Loss of a pregnancy or a child after birth, or later, is a life changing and devastating experience. Whilst grief and the feelings associated with bereavement are often described as a process, and broken down into stages, every bereavement is an individual and deeply personal experience. 

When you lose a child, or the possibility of having a child, you may feel isolated, lonely and out of step with the rest of your world- family, friends and contemporaries. In my work with bereaved parents I understand that the impact of losing a child is far reaching, and grief sometimes can be locked away for years.

Teenagers/young people

Adolescence can be a challenging time; intense feelings, physical and emotional changes, lots of different pressures from school/college, friends, and family can feel overwhelming.  Making sense of all of this may be impossible, and you may feel isolated, lonely and that no-one understands.

Family relationships can change during this time, and this creates its own tensions within a family.

I work both short and long term with this age group.

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